WCS brings drone scanning centre stage as it focuses on adoption of key technologies

WCS (Worldwide Chain Stores) is bringing the reality of drones within the warehouse to the fore with an announcement of a strategic alliance with drone scanning specialist, DroneScan. The partnership is one of a number of alliances that are being piloted by WCS in a bid for the company to create a talent pool of disruptive technologies that integrate seamlessly with its next generation WMS CSnx.

The DroneScan alliance will bring drone based inventory management into WCS’ customers’ warehouses. Already being piloted by Musgrave Retail Partners, an Ireland-based retail wholesaler, DroneScan is being tested for inventory management within its DC in Cork. The alliance means a direct integration into its leading WMS CSnx application, as well offering a stand-alone application to retailers existing solutions.

DroneScan provides a revolutionary, robotic solution to scanning products and pallets in warehouses. The drone allows for airborne capturing of data while the operator receives live feedback as it scans. Inspecting the condition of products or verifying the contents of pallets can be easily achieved as the drone is also fitted with a camera.

Joshila Makan

Joshila Makan, CEO WCS commented, “Through our Strategic Alliances programme we aim to offer our customers thoroughly tested and approved integrations of technically advanced innovative and disruptive technologies. This alliance with DroneScan is a perfect example of where new technology is gaining huge traction in the retail warehouse environment.

Reducing costs and increasing performance is central to retail businesses in today’s consumer led environment. Robotic and automated technology is not the future, it’s the here and now. The opportunities for drones are vast in the warehouse, from fleets of drones transporting cartons from receiving areas, placing them directly into storage positions or placing them efficiently in staging areas for kitting. The ability to increase safety in many areas of the warehouse with these drones is a key value proposition.”

DroneScan is leading the way with the most innovative technology we have come across. We are delighted to be partnering with an organisation with their eye so firmly focused on gaining the biggest productivities and efficiencies within warehouse environments.”

Craig Leppan, director at DroneScan commented, “Integrating into WCS’ CSnx platform is the next stage in our progression, we are keen to work with a business focused on innovation and in this, our businesses are completely aligned. We look forward to a fruitful relationship in the coming months and years ahead.”

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