IoT community to meet ZTEsoft in Nice at annual Together Summit

Fu Jianjun, CMO of ZTEsoft

Nice in the South of France will play host on May 14th to the 6th Annual ZTEsoft Together Summit. This year the theme is Transforming with You and ZTEsoft‘s chief marketing officer, Fu Jianjun and guests will focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and telcos’ digital transformations.

IoT Now is pleased to be supporting the Summit, and editorial director & publisher, Jeremy Cowan will be the moderator for the one-day event. Here, he talks to Fu Jianjun to find out what delegates can expect.

IoT Now: This is the 6th annual ZTEsoft Summit. How will this year’s event differ from previous years?

Fu Jianjun: The ZTEsoft Summit is our annual opportunity to strengthen the links with our user community, to exchange ideas and experiences, create a common vision and insight based on our industrial viewpoints, lessons learned and future plans and to help operators to get the most out of our solutions and capabilities.

Nice is the backdrop for the 6th annual ZTEsoft Together Summit.

In the past few summits, we communicated with our customers more focus on the thoughts about “What to do” with digital transformation, and in this summit we will focus on “How to do” together with our customers.

This year ZTEsoft comes with a strong value proposition allowing our customers to become Native Digital Players by embracing the very same business models and technologies that have paved the success of the internet giants. We reaffirm our engagement with the industry by providing the best blend of cloud and internet technologies together with a deep insight of industry core business and challenges.

IoT Now: A key part of your audience is network operators and digital service providers? What Digital Transformation and IoT information and support are they looking for in 2018?

Fu Jianjun: IoT and Digital transformation for operators and service providers are deeply related subjects. With trillions at stake, the best way not to participate in the IoT party is to continue doing business as usual.

The IoT will reach its full potential by using the strength of the ecosystem to innovate and deliver value and to continuously expand the demand and offering across industries and marketplaces.

IoT and also IIoT (industrial IoT) is clearly the future of the industry because its development requires the kind of services and capabilities that CSPs are good at delivering, including End-to-End SLAs (service level agreements), involving not just applications but network services, performance, reliability and security.

As I’ve mentioned, transformation had been engaged in in many cases but there are still key issues to be addressed:
•    What would be the target role of the specific service provider in the IoT/IIoT ecosystem?
•    How to achieve the kind of elasticity and operational efficiency needed to harness the IoT/IIoT opportunity?
•    How to leverage from ZTEsoft joint services and capabilities to harness the IoT/IIoT opportunity and achieve a successful transformation?
•    How to monetise their investments and participate in the digital ecosystems?
•    How to assure a controlled and soft transition to target architectures and business models?

IoT Now: You always place emphasis on the delegates having fun as well as learning from one another. Can you tell us yet what you have planned for this year’s Summit?

C-Level delegates enjoying discussions at the 2017 ZTEsoft Summit in Nice.

Fu Jianjun: We are passionate about the industry and its potential but it’s most important to get things done; and, for that, fun is an essential ingredient to boost innovative thinking, creativity and productivity.

ZTEsoft Annual Summit aims to create an open space for discussion, learning from others’ experiences and visions, and thinking out of the box. But most important is to spend a good time with our customers and partners. This year we will enjoy the participation of ZTEsoft executives together with CXO-level speakers from the industry and also industry analysts. For sure, fun will be at the “Rendezvous”, as every year in Nice.

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