Delphix brings powerful new data security capabilities to SAP

Delphix, the company that has changed the dynamics of managing and consuming data, announced new enhancements to the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform that deliver advanced algorithms specifically tuned for SAP data, able to mask full volumes of SAP data with an unmatched level of speed, simplicity, and accuracy.

With the upcoming GDPR deadline and other regulatory demands, these enhancements accelerate how enterprises can meet compliance requirements.

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform removes the constraints on enterprises and eliminates the need for expensive and lengthy service engagements to mask their sensitive data. Companies can now benefit from a modern approach and accelerate their release speed and application quality.

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform now provides SAP customers the ability to:

  • Automatically identify sensitive data within SAP – that is subject to GDPR – in minutes;
  • Apply masking to sensitive data with high performance;
  • Enable teams to mask SAP data once, then effortlessly deliver multiple copies to on-prem or cloud SAP environments.

Just in time for GDPR…

Holger Mueller

This new capability is highly relevant within the context of the EU’s GDPR, which compels businesses to adopt privacy by design to safeguard the personal information of EU citizens. As the digital backbone of many modern businesses, SAP applications typically capture sensitive information like customer records, intellectual property and financial data. The Delphix Platform gives these global businesses a comprehensive solution to define and enforce GDPR compliance policies within complex SAP environments.

“GDPR is the most substantial privacy regulation hitting enterprises in the last 30 years,” added Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst for Constellation Research. “As such, CxOs struggle to ensure massive – and rising – amounts of data are ready to comply with GDPR. The clock is ticking and any solution that helps CxOs quickly navigate the process for GDPR compliance on SAP data is highly attractive.”

Secure more SAP data, more quickly

Businesses can leverage these unique capabilities to accelerate application time-to-market and ensure compliance, across both SAP and non-SAP environments. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, the Delphix Platform intelligently profiles the many database tables in SAP apps to pinpoint sensitive data
  2. Next, it masks the fields with sensitive data in a consistent fashion: masking algorithms can be applied to both SAP and non-SAP apps so that interfaces and referential integrity is consistent across your testing landscape whether SAP only or hybrid
  3. Finally, with advanced data virtualisation technology, Delphix instantly delivers masked data copies to non-production environments and gives SAP teams dynamic data controls. Teams using Delphix have the ability to bookmark and rewind secure data to accelerate testing cycles and maintain high-quality data in SAP environments.

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