ETSI multi-access edge computing keeps pace with 5G

Alex Reznik, chair of ETSI MEC ISG

ETSI’s group on Multi-access Edge Computing (ETSI MEC ISG) is pleased to announce upcoming Hackathons and the release of two white papers entitledCloud RAN and MEC: a perfect pairing and MEC deployments in 4G and evolution towards 5Grespectively.

Multi-access Edge computing is one of the innovative technologies for 5G networks while being essential for the smooth transition from 4G networks to the new generation. Virtualisation, now a full part of the ICT world, is a major driver to deploy generic computing at the edge of the network.

The Cloud RAN and MEC white paper addresses the benefits of, and challenges met by, a co-location between cloud radio access networks and multi-access edge computing. This paper provides readers with a first, high-level introduction to these issues and reaches the conclusion that C-RAN and MEC are highly complementary technologies.

The MEC deployments in 4G and evolution towards 5G white paper highlights several MEC deployment scenarios in 4G and demonstrates how multi-access edge computing will enable operators to make a smooth transition towards 5G services.

And last but not least, ETSI MEC ISG has recently created a Hackathon framework to accelerate multi-access edge computing adoption and interoperability, and encourage all stakeholders to use the group’s specifications to develop edge applications. After the successful experience of MEC Proofs of Concept, the group continues engaging the ecosystem.

Operators, vendors, application and content providers, as well as start-ups and developers, will collaborate to develop new services or applications within a limited amount of time, in a focused and market-driven effort. The Hackathon gives developers the opportunity to learn and use ETSI MEC defined services and APIs and the open source Forge repository. If you want to join this exciting event or host the first ETSI MEC Hackathon event, answer the open call for proposal on our wiki page here.

Alex Reznik, chair of ETSI MEC ISG said: “While MEC is central to enabling the world of 5G applications over both 4G and 5G networks, it is only part of a solution to a bigger puzzle. Increasingly, the industry is looking for guidance on how to put the overall solution together. By providing end-to-end solution guidance, encouraging and promoting the market through events like Hackathons and other related activities, our group is stepping up to this challenge.

As the first Standards Developing Organisation to address the challenges of MEC, ETSI brings the world’s leading experts on MEC to the table. The ETSI ISG MEC can make a significant impact in the effort to make 5G a reality and we invite the industry to take advantage of everything we have to offer.”

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