Start your smart operator journey with ZTEsoft ET Telecom Brain

At Mobile World Congress 2018, ZTEsoft introduced its latest solutions, enabled with Alibaba Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) to help telcos make telecom business operations intelligent, efficient and experience focused. ZTEsoft exhibits in Hall 1, Stand 1A70 at the event.

ZTEsoft is launching its ET Telecom Brain, similar to other Alibaba Cloud ET Brain solutions for different industries such as medical, retail, finance, city planning & development and more. Embedded with Alibaba’s AI and big data analytics technologies, the ET Telecom Brain allows communication service providers (CSPs) to harness the power of digital transformation.

The ET Telecom Brain addresses various different business scenarios:

Digital platform for intelligent marketing

The ZSmart Digital Platform helps CSPs manage communications between different parties; integrate flexible marketing strategies; provide diversified digital life experiences for customers through cross-industry integration; and enable digital channel collaboration, such as mobile payment, digital travelling, healthcare, financial, business meetings and more. The ZSmart Digital Platform focuses on the digital experience, its role as a digital ecosystem enabler, its digital business portfolio and its digital architecture.

  • Digital experience: Based on big data and AI capabilities to provide personalised marketing and smart online customer service.
  • Digital ecosystem enabler: A rich cross-industry product catalogue through UPC and a flexible partner collaboration model.
  • Digital business portfolio: With Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, ZSmart builds a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud ecosystem that enables many independent software vendor (ISV) products to be released and managed in cloud environments.
  • Digital architecture: The digital architecture of ZSmart 9, combined with the PaaS/IaaS of the AliCloud, enables an agile approach to IT development.

ZSmart KDOps (knowledge-defined operations) to realise smart network operation

ZSmart KDOps, with self-healing/self-scaling/deep learning and service-assistant, helps CSPs to transform bottlenecks into advantages. ZSmart KDOps can help modernise management and operations as well as improve customer-centricity, to deliver the benefits of fast decision making, low cost, accurate prediction and mass data.

ZSmart uTalk as intelligent customer service

Integrated with Alibaba Cloud’s AliMe™ solution to enhance interactions with customers, ZSmart uTalk helps customer agents act more broadly and transition from reactive assistance to proactive support. The AliCloud and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology delivers man-machine co-ordinated work based on a 24-hour online robot that can handle simple, repeated issues and intelligently recognise customer requests.

Visit our booth at MWC in Hall 1, Stand 1A70 to find out more about the ET telecom Brain.

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