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Entel and Cisco to bring IoT services to businesses throughout Peru

Entel and Cisco to bring IoT services to businesses throughout Peru

Posted by Zenobia HegdeMarch 1, 2018

Businesses throughout Peru will be able to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver new revenue-generating services to their customers, thanks to Entel Peru and Cisco. Entel Peru B2B has selected the Cisco Jasper Control Centre automated IoT connectivity management platform to enable its customers and strategic business partners across every industry to run agile businesses with IoT services.

“There is great demand from companies throughout Peru who are looking to deliver new connected services that enhance their customers’ experiences while creating new revenue opportunities,” said Ramiro Lafarga, CEO at Entel Peru, “Together with Cisco, the global leader in IoT platforms, we will give our customers control of their IoT businesses and deliver the innovation needed to simplify and streamline their digital transformation.”

The Cisco Jasper Control Centre platform enables IoT services for all businesses, and Entel Peru has already seen strong demand for IoT in certain industries:

  • Connected cars – Over 50 vehicle brands worldwide utilise the Cisco Jasper IoT platform to deliver next generation services that can enhance the driver’s experience and safety through smart vehicles.
  • Point of Sale (PoS) – Retailers worldwide depend on Cisco IoT to offer new services, reshape the customer experience, and enter new markets.
  • Agriculture For many years farmers have been relying on Cisco IoT to help battle pests, maximise irrigation, and increase crop yields to help feed our planet’s growing population.
  • Smart metering – Energy and utilities companies leverage Cisco IoT to provide smart metering services that optimise the flow of information, improve asset performance, and increase energy efficiency.
  • Smart cities – Cisco IoT helps cities make urban life safer and more convenient with smart lighting, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), connected parking solutions, and more.

As an IoT market leader, the Cisco Jasper Control Centre platform is the IoT platform of choice for global automated IoT connectivity management. Control Centre enables companies to rapidly and efficiently launch, manage and monetise their IoT services, while providing the flexibility for businesses to scale those IoT services worldwide to meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

Entel’s B2B customers will also benefit from the global scalability of Control Centre. Cisco Jasper is utilised by more than 50 service providers managing IoT devices across more than 550 mobile networks worldwide. This means that when businesses are ready to scale their IoT services beyond Peru, they can easily do so.

“Entel Peru and Cisco have a shared commitment to enabling businesses to thrive by delivering new IoT services to their customers,” said Ken Laversin, head of global sales at Cisco IoT. “Together we can enable businesses in any industry to bring IoT services to market rapidly and cost-effectively, while enabling them to scale globally as demand requires.”

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