ZTEsoft presents ZSmart uTalk for intelligent customer services

1st March 2018, Barcelona, Spain – ZTEsoft, a leading software provider, showcased at MWC 2018 its latest ZSmart uTalk, a next generation intelligent customer service solution based on cloud architecture and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Empowered by AliMe, an intelligent service robot, ZSmart uTalk helps build an intelligent customer service platform, designed to solve problems that exist in the traditional customer service system, realise cost efficiencies and improve the overall customer experience.

Embedded with Big Data Analytics and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, ZSmart uTalk delivers man-to- machine co-ordinated work based on a 24-hour online intelligent service robot which handles simple, repeated issues and easily recognises customer requests. Agent assistance technology helps Customer Care agents transition from being reactive to being proactive. It also delivers a unified customer experience via mobile apps and social media channels, providing more convenient and up-to-date ways for users to access Customer Services.

ZSmart uTalk contains four key features, including:

Intelligent service robot – ZSmart uTalk provides consultation and guidance services for all types of customers, answering simple and frequently asked questions for 24 hours a day, saving 80 percent of Customer Service costs by reducing the manual rate from 60 percent to 40 percent. It also provides agent assistance for complex issues such as transaction disputes.

Intelligent voice navigation – ZSmart uTalk supports multiple languages and offers voice recognition accuracy of over 90 percent.

Intelligent Agent Assistant – Our intelligent service engine and seamless man-to-machine switching enhances the agent’s business and customer service capabilities thus helping CSPs to reduce in-house employee training yet still delivering a superior customer experience.

Intelligent Outbound Contact – ZSmart uTalk supports customer identification and specific user profiles and delivers personalised services that meet customers’ demands. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS) based technology enables the service robot to initiate intelligent outbound contact.

Using AI to enhance interactions with customers is one of the most popular approaches today. ZTEsoft is developing AI in it’s solutions to provide customers with the easiest way to develop agile operations.

About ZTEsoft

ZTEsoft is a leading software provider specialized in offering end-to-end BSS/OSS solutions and services to global Telecom Operators, as well as Smart City and IoT solutions to Enterprise and Government. In more than 80 countries, ZSmart solutions have been selected by 145 Operators and are serving over 700 million subscribers.

Our vision is to enable the Internet of Digital Community. Through our products and services, we help our customers to accelerate their digital transformation and thus enable them to become leaders in the digital world. ZTEsoft believes that to make Telco transformation happen Service Providers must adopt an Open Platform approach with omni-channel and real-time insight capability, thus supporting vertical industry expansion and providing experience-oriented high value services to customers. For more information, please visit www.ztesoft.com

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