DataRobot to partner with Monsanto Company on AI initiatives

Jeremy Achin, CEO of DataRobot

DataRobot, the provider in automated machine learning, announced that Monsanto Company has selected the DataRobot automated machine learning platform to enable its Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

Monsanto is a global modern agriculture company that develops products and digital tools to help farmers around the world grow crops while using energy, water and land more efficiently. Monsanto will leverage the DataRobot platform to improve data processes with automated and predictive analytics models that will provide insights across the company’s core business functions including research & development, supply chain, and sales.

DataRobot is the world’s only software that puts the power of AI into the hands of any business user. DataRobot pre-packages and automates the data science workflow, enabling users to build and deploy highly accurate predictive models in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Naveen Singla

“The complexity of agriculture has rapidly increased in recent years and AI will be critical to the continuing transformation of agriculture and Monsanto,” said Naveen Singla, Monsanto’s data science centre of excellence lead and director of analytics. “Accelerating application of machine learning is a key enabler of AI and DataRobot’s platform and partnership will be important for Monsanto in this regard.”

Anthony Randall, Monsanto’s digital strategic alliance lead, said that DataRobot’s usability was the icing on the cake. “DataRobot not only empowered our data scientists by making them more productive, but is starting to democratise machine learning for our business analysts and data managers. The software itself is easy to use and understand. It is simple and gives clear results,” Randall said. “It will be impactful to our organisation and integral in advancing our overall AI strategy.”

“It is fantastic to have Monsanto join our team,” said Jeremy Achin, CEO of DataRobot. “Sustainable food production is one of the most important issues facing our generation, and we’re proud that Monsanto has chosen DataRobot to help lead their path forward.”

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