SHI further expands cloud competency, with VMware Cloud on AWS certification

SHI International Corp., one of America’s top 10 largest IT solutions providers, has achieved the VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency, enabling SHI customers to leverage their existing VMware software-defined data centre (SDDC) via the AWS cloud.

Having completed the eight training and technical certification requirements, SHI joins a select group offering VMware Cloud on AWS at launch, further expanding SHI’s cloud capabilities.

Already an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Service Provider Partner, as well as a VMware Corporate Reseller, Partner Professional Services, and Cloud Partner Aggregator, SHI brings extensive experience on both platforms to this new offering. That rare perspective supports businesses migrating applications to the public cloud, developing new applications, and revamping their data centres.

Kevin Clements

“SHI’s combined expertise in VMware and AWS helps our customers craft solutions that achieve the best of both worlds,” said Kevin Clements, CTO of SHI. “Whether you’re looking to extend your data centre to the cloud, migrate applications, or develop a test environment, SHI’s latest certification confirms that we have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help businesses take advantage of every opportunity in VMware Cloud on AWS.”

SHI’s Cloud and Innovative Solutions team can now help customers run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments with full access to AWS services. VMware Cloud on AWS removes barriers to cloud migration and cloud portability while increasing efficiency and opening the opportunities of a hybrid cloud environment.

VMware Cloud on AWS provides a full VMware-based SDDC experience that extends from customers’ on-premises environment to the world’s largest public cloud, AWS, and enables customers to eliminate operational complexity by managing a hybrid cloud environment with familiar VMware tools.

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