Deploy Your I/O Data to the Cloud

With more and more field devices being connected to the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), the need to keep all those “things” continuously connected to the Internet has put a premium on networking products that can deliver continuous connectivity without human intervention. To deploy your I/O data to the cloud easily and effortlessly, you first need to retrieve the I/O data from the Local region (refer to the following diagram) and then convert it to the appropriate protocol. Once all of the data has been prepared for transmission, the final step is to push the data up to your OT (Private Cloud) and/or IT (Public Cloud) platform.

Retrieving Data from a Field Site

When connecting things to the IIoT, you are faced with a variety of protocols. Moxa’s Smart I/O supports the most often-used protocols for retrieving I/O data, such as Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP for OT engineers, and SNMP and RESTful API for IT engineers. Moxa Smart I/O makes it possible for both IT and OT engineers to conveniently retrieve data from the same I/O device.

 Delivering Data to an OT (Private Cloud)

Private clouds are implemented within a corporate firewall under the control of the IT department. Once local things get connected, Moxa’s MX-AOPC UA Suite receives real-time data from Smart I/O devices and converts the data to the OPC UA standard, which is secure and widely adopted in Industrial 4.0 applications for sending data to SCADA software (on a Private Cloud) or pushing data to a third-party service provider (on a Public Cloud) through AMQP.

Delivering Data to a Public Cloud (IT)

Connecting Smart I/O to a public cloud requires an IIoT gateway for data acquisition and pre-processing. Public clouds are a form of cloud computing in which a company relies on a third-party cloud service provider, such as Microsoft Azure, who provides services such as servers, data storage, and applications.

Why Use Moxa’s Remote Automation Solutions?

  • Seamlessly Connect to SCADA & Database Systems
  • Easy to Program
  • Robust Design
  • Versatile Communication

Moxa offers a complete solution of products for:

  • Smart WiFi Remote I/O
  • Efficient SCADA device data management
  • Smart EtherNet/IP I/O
  • Modular Programmable Control


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