Not to be missed highlights at ZTEsoft Together Summit 2018

May 14th is fast approaching, and it’s time for us to bring you more highlights of one of Europe’s most keenly anticipated digital transformation events, the ZTEsoft Together Summit 2018.

In 2013, ZTEsoft hosted the first user conference in Singapore. This will be the 6th consecutive year for the company to host and organise an event like this in various parts of the world.

This year, ZTEsoft and Alibaba Cloud jointly look forward to welcoming you to the spectacular Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice, France, best known for hosting home matches for OGC Nice football club. Meanwhile, being the Olympic Games Partner, Alibaba Cloud will also provide some new technologies.

This is the most eagerly awaited and grandest ZTEsoft Summit to date, and there are several reasons we want to welcome you to the event and for you to enjoy the moment with us.

Highlight #1: Showing the Alibaba Cloud + ZTEsoft solution

ZTEsoft is now a member of the Alibaba Cloud family. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology from Alibaba Cloud, ZTEsoft will join forces to lead digital transformation across various industries, bringing unlimited possibilities for telecoms and other business sectors.

At this Summit, both Alibaba Cloud and ZTEsoft will demonstrate industry solutions and technologies, such as cloud-based facial recognition technology, Alibaba Multi-Cloud solutions, IoT landscapes and use cases and artificial intelligence (AI)-related industry solutions. In addition, you will see Alibaba Cloud’s recently released Intelligent Service Robot, a chatbot for agile business.

ZTEsoft will also demonstrate the ET Telecom Brain solution and the latest features of ZSmart 9, designed to support the evolution of traditional telecom business.

Highlight #2: Being a digital transformation leader, not just an enabler

Telcos have engaged in digital transformation for a while, however, they still lag behind the progress made by internet companies and over-the-top (OTT) players.

In this digital era, one way to enable the transformation and get one-step ahead rather than to be a follower is to find inspiration and ideas with ZTEsoft through our concepts for New Retail, New Manufacturing, and City Brain.

ZTEsoft wants to help customers remove the industry barriers and try to build new ecosystems by disrupting traditional business models.

Highlight #3: Listen to advice and unique views from industry analysts

It is ZTEsoft’s tradition to bring industry players and analysts to sit together to have zero-distance discussion. Analysts can get first-hand information from industry experts, such as communication service providers (CSPs), while the industry players can also find useful takeaways and valuable suggestions from analysts.

ZTEsoft have invited analysts from Ovum, Current Analysis, Frost & Sullivan, GlobalData, and other leading firms to attend this Summit. There is a planned panel discussion with invited C-Level executives from telecom operators, analysts and solution vendors, that will discuss the role of Telcos in this time of transformation.

A parallel analyst meeting will be held in the solution demonstration zone.

Highlight #4: Replicate the knowledge from successful cases

Apart from these analysts, ZTEsoft has also invited industry experts and researchers who have been engaging in technology and business model innovations. They, too, will share their latest results with us to help us achieve vital improvements in customer experience and business efficiency.

Being leaders in digital transformation, ZTEsoft & Alibaba Cloud are helping our global customers to achieve their transformation goals. At the Summit, ZTEsoft and Alibaba Cloud’s customers from around the world will share their experience of working with both companies and will describe their visions for future transformations to achieve even higher levels of operational excellence.

We hope this Summit will be a good social occasion as well as a networking opportunity for you. Apart from the seminars and discussion, we also want you to enjoy the gourmet dining and party night with us, as usual.

We look forward to meeting you at the event. See you soon.

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