c2a offers royalty-free solution to solve fundamental car security vulnerability

Cyber 2 Automotive Security (c2a), reported that its patented Stamper technology, which protects the connected car from cyber threats, is now being made available to car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide on a royalty-free license basis.

The news comes in response to a recently issued warning from The U.S. Homeland Security Cybersecurity response team, cautioning automobile makers to review new research highlighting significant flaws in vehicle control modules affecting the security of chips in cars, and to review their current systems to prevent possible denial-of-service attacks and other mischief.

The key pain-point for connected and autonomous cars, said c2a, is the network’s safety and security. c2a Security has developed a safety and security layer for the next generation vehicle starting from the chip level, with a reportedly easy to implement and low-cost solution to protect connected cars from malicious attacks. These solutions include patent-pending firewall type functionality built into the car network, multi-network anomaly detection, microprocessor protection, and diagnostics over IP infrastructure.

Michael Dick, CEO of c2a Security said, “We are proud to offer the market a royalty free solution to this problem. Upcoming compliance requirements will drive the development of innovative frameworks that support the early identification, mitigation, and management of risks and we are happy to contribute to the safety of drivers and passengers worldwide.”

Michael Dick

Cyber-attacks have dominated the headlines and devastated a slew of companies over the past few years, compromising millions of people’s personal information and costing billions of dollars in losses to those businesses. Recently the world has seen the devastating effects of chip level attacks such as Spectre and Meltdown affecting processors worldwide.

c2a has developed a revolutionary safety and security layer for the next generation of connected vehicles to protect all of the hundreds of semiconductor chips and processors in the car. This revolutionary solution includes bringing its Stamper firewall type functionality into the car network, as well as multi-network anomaly detection, microprocessor protection, and diagnostics over IP infrastructure.

Moshe Raines, managing partner at Labs/02, c2a’s lead investor said, “The automotive industry now realises the critical need for cyber protection. Bringing this critical functionality to car manufacturers around the world on a royalty free basis will make all cars much safer from cyber hackers.”

c2a is endorsed by the Israel Innovation Authority as a cybersecurity company.

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