Cyxtera releases AppGate SDP 4.0 with enhanced access controls and extended network protections

Cyxtera Technologies, the secure infrastructure company, announced the latest release of AppGate SDP, its flagship secure access solution, giving organisations a way to curb the epidemic of security compromises created by over-privileged access and obsolete physical perimeter solutions.

AppGate SDP 4.0 implements the zero-trust principles of software-defined perimeter as a full network platform, providing a unified, enterprise-grade solution to secure today’s diverse, hybrid IT environments. AppGate SDP creates encrypted, one-to-one connections between users and resources and dynamically enforces identity-centric access policies at the network level.

Benefits of AppGate SDP

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the maintenance and management of aging security tools, including VPNs, NACs and corporate firewalls
  • Meet the ever-increasing scope of compliance requirements in an ‘audit-ready’ manner with fine-grained access controls and comprehensive logging
  • Leverage native integration with cloud-specific security features to secure public cloud workloads and provide consistent access controls across hybrid environments
  • Enable transparent remote and third-party access to network resources while eliminating the burden and vulnerabilities of VPNs
  •  Reduce the network attack surface and ensure a robust defense against DDoS attacks
  • Leverage patented multi-tunnel capabilities to seamlessly connect users to applications wherever they run
Doug Cahill

“Traditional tools like VPN, NAC and firewalls can’t address changes brought about by the cloud, remote workers, BYOD and industrialised cyber threats,” said Ricardo Villadiego, general manager, Secure Access & Fraud Solutions for Cyxtera.

“AppGate SDP is the foundation of a cyber-resilient enterprise, creating a protective software-defined perimeter that only permits people to access resources they are authorised to use, when they are authorised to use them.”

New features of AppGate 4.0:

  • Enhanced user experience simplifies implementation, workflows and policy management
  • Upgraded Live Entitlements engine, with improved access criteria capabilities and API-driven integrations to enterprise systems, provides powerful and dynamic access controls that respond in real-time to changing conditions
  • Ringfence™ feature isolates end-user devices to protect them from unauthorised access to critical resources
  • Server-to-Server protection eliminates lateral movement as an attack vector and prevents zero-day attacks.

“What SDP really does is modernise the concept of a VPN by setting up a secure tunnel between users/devices and applications regardless of their location,” said Doug Cahill, senior analyst at ESG-Global Research. “Cyxtera’s AppGate SDP product allows organisations to leverage an SDP to protect users and the applications they access with an architecture well-suited for today’s hybrid environments and is designed to support future use cases and technologies.”

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