The global collaboration of companies at the 5th Global 5G Event to path new ways for 5G Technology on the Horizon

At the convening of the global 5G leaders at the 5th Global 5G Event, 5G New Horizons Wireless Symposium, path-breaking discussions provided collaboration and verification of trials of new technologies that are needed to deploy the next generation of 5G technology.

5G Americas, the wireless trade association and voice for 5G and LTE technology in the Americas, hosted the international wireless Symposium in Austin, Texas with IMT-2020 (China), 5G-IA (European Union), 5GMF (Japan), 5G Forum (South Korea) and 5G Brazil.

For the first time, the Global 5G Event was held in the U.S., bringing together the world’s best engineers, wireless executives and key stakeholders to review the progress of 5G and share knowledge gained in recent testing, trials and pre-standard deployments.

Presentations included KT on the PyeongChang 5G experience, 5G vision and deployment plans from leading mobile operators such as AT&T, China Mobile, KDDI, LG U+, NTT DoCoMo, Shaw Communications, SK Telecom, Sprint, T-Mobile and Türk Telecom as well as leading manufacturers, academics and government officials.

5G New Horizons Wireless Symposium is available for viewing free as on-demand videos through broadcast news partner RCR Wireless News, via website.

Chris Pearson

Specific areas of 5G issues and opportunities for deployment success were highlighted by the speakers participating in the symposium such as 5G spectrum planning, ease of regulatory policy for appropriate network densification, trialing with mmWave and sub 6-GHz spectrum and new network configurations with network slicing, SON, Artificial Intelligence and important security specifications. Significant progress of 5G is occurring throughout the various regions of the world and the realisation of 5G is visible on the horizon.

Chris Pearson, president of the host association, 5G Americas remarked, “5G Americas was honored to host 5G New Horizons Wireless Symposium and showcase concrete 5G trial results from operators and manufacturers from around the world. The Symposium highlighted the importance of collaboration and cooperation in the global race toward providing 5G services and applications.” He added, “We are proud to bring together key innovators and policymakers to discuss the current progress and future of 5G globally.”

Dr. Jose Marcos C. Brito, general secretary of 5G Brazil said, “The 5th Global Event addressed many important aspects of 5G networks such as spectrum and regulatory policy, use cases, trials and pre-commercial launches– in other words, the entire 5G ecosystem. Attendees at the 5G New Horizons left with a complete vision of the 5G network. Project 5G Brazil will host the 6th Global 5G Event in Rio de Janeiro on November 28 to 30 and we look forward to welcoming attendees and our many global partners for collaboration.”

“The 5G New Horizons Wireless Symposium provided an excellent overview of the current activities in development, trials and deployment of 5G systems around the world. As 5G goes from idea to reality, this was a timely event to understand exactly where we are today and the issues we need to resolve moving forward to enable the full promise of 5G,” said Dr. Colin Willcock, chairman of the Board for 5G-IA.

Dr. Jose Marcos C. Brito

“5G New Horizon Wireless Symposium, the well-planned 5th Global 5G Event in Austin, Texas provided demonstration that commercial 5G will be a reality as early as March 2019 and awareness that collaboration with verticals is essential for the success of 5G expansion,” remarked professor HyeonWoo Lee, chair of Global Strategy Committee, 5G Forum, Korea.

Dr. Kohei Satoh, secretary general of the 5th Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF) stated, “Comprehensive 5G field trails were conducted not only in Japan but also in other countries and regions, and concrete results were presented at the recent 5th Global 5G Event in Austin. My impression is that 5G research and development for commercialisation around 2020 is progressing steadily.”

5G Americas engaged with the leading global organisations committed to bringing 5G technology successfully to their countries or regions while offering collaboration and cooperation in a public symposium.

The sessions were mindfully curated and covered a diverse range of topics to stimulate the continued progress on 5G technology worldwide and focus on government policies, promotions, services, trial projects and other industrial convergence opportunities. The Global 5G Event series was developed in the interest of efficiency and building global consensus on 5G.

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