Momenta Partners invests in machine data analytics disruptor CRATE.IO

Christian Lutz of

Momenta Partners reports it has invested an undisclosed sum in Crate core product, CrateDB is a SQL database for managing machine data and analysing it in real time.

It is said to have the versatility and scalability to handle the variety, velocity and volume of machine data–millions of structured and unstructured data points or log entries per second. Its use cases include smart factories and manufacturing, smart cities applications, geospatial tracking, and cybersecurity. CrateDB has been designed from the ground up to support the huge scale of web, mobile and IoT applications. is a global company with offices in San Francisco, Berlin, New York, and Austria. The IoT Innovator Awards named Best IoT Open Source Software in 2017, and the company won the Disrupt Europe 2014 Battlefield.

According to Momenta Partners managing director, Ken Forster, “Over the next decade, we can expect to see an acceleration of data creation as everything becomes instrumented and interconnected.

The sheer quantities of data at play can be a pain point and provide real solutions to connected industry for now and the future. We look forward supporting their journey and guiding their success”.

“At, we help companies put machine data to work by turning streams of IoT data from connected machinery, infrastructure, and vehicles into insights and action that improve profitability, security, and efficiency,” says Christian Lutz, founder and CEO, “We are really excited to work with Momenta Partners; their extensive experience in IoT markets is very valuable to”

Alberto Cresto, associate with Momenta Ventures, adds, “We are excited to support Crate in bringing to market an industrial-strength data management solution. Our investment strategy is inspired by our corporate clients, and we believe Crate is a strong Connected Industry fit, addressing high frequency, volume and variety challenges for both end-users and solution providers.”

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