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Bust the top myth of 5G adoption to lead the evolution of the IoT

Bust the top myth of 5G adoption to lead the evolution of the IoT

Posted by IoT Now MagazineJuly 4, 2018

As the world awaits the premiere of 5G, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), advanced fleet operations, smart logistics, and connected vehicles are just some of the anticipated life- changing applications. But, says Manish Watwani, Telit’s VP of Global Product Marketing, do you really have to wait until 5G is ready to deliver these capabilities? (Hint: No, you don’t).

The global standard for connectivity will deliver fifth generation (5G) wireless broadband technology that impacts not only our smartphones, but also our homes, workplaces, cities, and vehicles. Many businesses believe that they should hold off connecting tens of billions of “things” on a global scale. Unfortunately, this also means that some organisations follow the fallacy that ubiquitous connectivity required to communicate with a massive volume of sensors cannot be accomplished effectively with the size and reach of current mobile communication capabilities.

Creating such an IoT-enabled network may be challenging, but it is as possible now as it will be in 5G. To read the full article, click here >>

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