One Identity helps cure legacy access management problems for B. Braun

One Identity is helping B. Braun, one of the providers of healthcare products, support its digital transformation efforts and get identity and access management (IAM) to corporate networks and data right. Using One Identity Manager and associated services,B. Braun has improved security with automated account provisioning and deactivation as well as enhanced protection of company data in its hybrid environment.

With a constantly evolving employee landscape — including job role changes, employees and contractors leaving and starting at the company– B. Braun needed to increase security, guarantee compliance, and control access to company systems and data across an IT environment that included both on-premise systems as well as many cloud-based systems and services.

This state of flux is a challenge for IT teams, responsible for managing access to company systems and keeping corporate data safe. The firm has more than 61,000 employees worldwide — all of whom have user accounts and associated access that need to be carefully managed.

“Overall, there was too much risk of unauthorised data access and therefore a failure to comply with data security regulations,” explained Andreas Mueller, IT project manager at B. Braun. “We were also moving some of our IT to the cloud, so we needed a solution that could talk to our on-premise infrastructure and cloud services such as Office 365.”

The company completed a successful proof of concept of One Identity Manager, followed by implementation specific to the unique needs of the global organisation. “Identity Manager delivered all the features we wanted, including cloud connectivity,” said Mueller. “What’s more, One Identity offered to support a POC that integrated with our internal infrastructure. No other provider would go this far.”

“For a project of this importance, we wanted to work with a services team because we didn’t have the skills in-house. We looked at several offers, but the proposal from One Identity gave us the most confidence. Its personnel were highly experienced in this kind of implementation,” he continued.

B. Braun realised that access needs to be correct in order to reduce risk and protect company data. Today, the Identity Manager solution securing B. Braun’s internal systems and users is about to go live for personnel in Germany and Switzerland. In the coming months, it will be rolled out worldwide.

“All the right people have access to what they need now that account creation and termination are automated with Identity Manager,” explained Mueller. “There’s complete transparency and greater protection of company data. Everyone knows the position of their requests within the workflow at any given time. There is also less chance of errors.”

Looking ahead, B. Braun plans to enhance its password management program with the support of One Identity. “Step by step, we’re getting our identity and access management right with One Identity. That’s great news for the company and our staff,” Mueller said.

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