Huawei announces availability of eLTE-DSA solution for building a 4.5G-based and 5G-oriented power grid neural network

At CIGRE 2018, Huawei launched the 4.5G-based and 5G-oriented eLTE-DSA (eLTE Discrete Spectrum Aggregation) solution for commercial use, to help global power companies build the “last mile” of the neural network for power grids.

As the energy industry is transforming, requirements are changing and the communications network for electric power IoT must provide more comprehensive coverage for a wide range and growing numbers of terminals and devices. Reliable, flexible, ubiquitous, and economically efficient, the wireless private network has become the best means of building the “last mile” of the neural network for power grid.

The traditional VHF (30~300MHz) / UHF (300~3000MHz) narrowband discrete spectrum used in the energy industry cannot meet the requirements for power IoT development because it is commonly based on data radio technology, which causes technical bottlenecks due to long-latency, small capacity, insufficient bandwidth, and high power consumption.

In China, 230MHz is a discrete spectrum dedicated for the power industry; it is also a VHF narrowband discrete spectrum. This helps to build the large-scale “last mile” of the power grid efficiently, and to construct a world-leading power IoT which Chinese power companies have been trying to explore.

As a leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei has launched this 4.5G-based and 5G-oriented eLTE-DSA solution based on extensive experience in cutting-edge wireless networking technologies, as well as a deep understanding of power businesses. These discrete narrowband spectrums are aggregated to achieve a minimum latency of 20 ms, with a maximum of 4000 users in a cell, and a transmission rate from Kbps to Mbps for a single user. The minimum static power consumption of the module is 0.15w.

In August this year, a performance and service verification for Huawei’s 4.5G-based and 5G-oriented eLTE-DSA solution was conducted by the China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI). The results show that the solution has excellent performance in terms of speed, capacity, security and reliability, and that it can fully meet the intelligent control service requirements, such as precise load control and power distribution automation.

The 4.5G-based and 5G-oriented eLTE-DSA solution has strong anti-interference capabilities, as it can run stably in a complex radio environment where data transmission stations coexist. This solution will be put into commercial use on a large scale in China and will first carry mission-critical services such as precise load control, power distribution automation, and collection of power consumption information. Therefore, the launch of Huawei’s eLTE-DSA solution is one of the most critical steps in building the private wireless network.

At CIGRE 2018 and the Huawei Global Electric Power Summit, the launch of the eLTE-DSA solution for commercial use was jointly announced by Kunlun Gao, Chinese Delegate of CIGRE D2; Sun Zhentao, president of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Product Line; Cui Jinglong, vice president Huawei Wireless Product Line; and Juncheng Zhang, The marketing director of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Business. Meanwhile, Huawei and the Nari Group Corporation jointly demonstrated the functions of the SCADA system, including remote communication, remote control, and feeder automation, based on eLTE-DSA.

Sun Zhentao, president of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Product Line, said: “Huawei and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) are jointly innovating in standards, products, R&D equipment, and service tests based on the 230MHz eLTE-DSA solution. Meanwhile, together we actively promote the globalisation of eLTE-DSA standards, and will share the technology and best practices of China’s private wireless network with the world.”

Huawei provides the electric power industry with one-stop ICT solutions to bring digital technologies into every home and electric power enterprise, and is committed to being the best digital transformation partner for the electric power industry. To date, Huawei’s fully-connected grid solution has been implemented by 13 of the world’s top 20 power companies, and has been widely used in 73 countries worldwide, serving more than 190 electric power customers, including State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), E.ON in Germany, and Enel in Italy.

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