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Preparing for global IoT deployments

Preparing for global IoT deployments

Posted by IoT Now MagazineOctober 4, 2018

The IoT market – a growing opportunity for industry and enterprise

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hailed as the ‘next industrial revolution’, with more than 20 billion devices, from waste bins to tractors, forecast to be connected to global networks by 2020. From smart cities and healthcare to agriculture, manufacturing and energy, the IoT is transforming the industrial landscape.

This offers a huge opportunity for service providers, technology companies, operators, and an entire ecosystem of organisations across every vertical, to not only streamline operations, but also drive new revenue streams through the creation of entirely new applications and services, as well as through the collection of so-called ‘Big Data’ that connected devices provide. The insights obtained from this data will help transform industrial and business processes, leading to more efcient operations as well as unlocking new innovations.

As a result, IoT is gaining momentum as organisations and providers – from manufacturing to transport and utilities – are adding IoT capabilities to their applications, devices and services to enable more efcient data collection, to create signifcant cost savings and improve efciencies, as well as support entirely new edge applications and services .

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