KPMG offers all Swiss universities free access to the ‘first-ever cyber academy’

Matthias Bossardt of KPMG

For many Swiss companies, the risk of cyber attacks and data theft is now part of their day-to-day lives. The country needs to train many more experts of its own – people who will be familiar with the multifarious kinds of cyber risks and know how to tackle them. KPMG is making an important contribution in this area and is investing in the next generation of cyber specialists and thus, over the long term, in Switzerland itself as a training and business hub.

KPMG Switzerland has joined forces with UK-based cyber security firm Immersive Labs to launch the Digital Cyber Academy (DCA). With this innovative partnership, KPMG is making a cloud-based cyber training and assessment platform available for free to all Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences as well as using the tool in-house to train its own cyber experts.

Users of the DCA are immersed in virtual cyber labs and presented with a variety of challenges taken from real life. In doing so, they aim to hone their own skills in dealing with cyber risks in a targeted way and lay important foundations for their future career in the cyber world.

No fewer than 365 universities and universities of applied sciences in Australia, the UK, Canada, Singapore and the US are already using the innovative platform successfully to continuously improve their students’ abilities in cyber security and defense and give them attractive career prospects. 

The cyber academy – adding value to Switzerland as a training and business hub

KPMG Switzerland is the first Swiss firm to integrate the DCA into its own recruitment process. Students who master the challenges confronting them will, among other things, have the chance of a highly promising career in KPMG’s Cyber Security team. How well they perform in the DCA exercises sheds light on a participant’s skills profile and indicates what roles and responsibilities a potential candidate would be suited to before they have even been for an initial interview.

“With the Digital Cyber Academy, Switzerland as a training and business hub will benefit from the next generation of experts who can deal confidently with increasingly complex cyber risks. Ultimately, this added value will be a boon to Swiss companies,” explains Matthias Bossardt, head of Cyber Security at KPMG Switzerland, adding: Users who successfully complete the DCA program will significantly enhance their cyber skills, opening the doors to some promising career opportunities in cyber security and defense.” 

To know more about The DCA, Switzerland’s first-ever cyber academy click here

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