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Dachser Iberia and Minsait develop IoT technology for geolocation of assets

Dachser Iberia and Minsait develop IoT technology for geolocation of assets

Posted by Anasia D'melloNovember 7, 2018

Which element -either a grid box, a pallet truck or a package- and where it is located at any moment in a warehouse are determining factors for the technological evolution of the logistics companies, but they are also key factors in the profitability and operations of these companies.

Dachser Iberia, in its firm commitment to digital transformation, has launched -in collaboration with Minsait, by Indra- a project based on IoT technology (Internet of Things) for the geolocation of grid boxes. The traceability tool uses devices installed in the grid boxes along with a platform in the cloud -supported by the Sigfox network-, to monitor the real-time movements of these assets in order to achieve better efficiency rates.

“Geo-positioning is the basis for analysing deviations in operations, measuring times of use of the elements or implementing security measures, among other benefits,” says Roberto Espina Manchón, director of services and infrastructures at Minsait, who considers this type of solutions to have great potential for evolution, as “keys in the digital transformation of the logistics sector”.

For his part, Juan Quintana, managing director EL Iberia at Dachser, explains that “having accurate and real-time information on operations at all levels is essential to achieving efficient management. The data should allow us to anticipate and minimise impacts in the following links of the logistics chain”.

This technology is expected to be implemented in each of the Dachser logistics centres in Iberia throughout 2018 and 2019, becoming a significant technological deployment within the sector and confirming the success of the technological collaboration between Minsait from by Indra and Dachser Iberia.

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