NTT Communications to acquire a stake in Transatel, for the MVNO and IoT markets

Jacques Bonifay of Transatel

NTT Communications Corporation, the ICT and international communications solutions business within the NTT Group and Transatel, a global provider of Cellular Connectivity Management for the Internet of Things (IoT) and a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE), have jointly announced that they have entered into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of a majority stake of NTT Com in Transatel, and the notification to the relevant works council and consultation with the latter had been completed on December 20, 2018. Once the definitive agreement has been concluded, NTT Com and Transatel will complete the transaction.

The development of the connected car, industrial and consumer IoT and smart cities will be a source of major changes for our societies. This revolution is expected to create significant new business opportunities, allowing businesses to connect, manage and monetize their IoT services. This market is expected to reach $ 1.1 trillion (€0.97 trillion) by 2021.

Founded in 2000, Transatel has since 2012 been a pioneer in deploying its own global network of MVNO data compatible with embedded SIM technology (Embedded SIM, eSIM) to meet the needs of three key market segments: large electronics Public, Automotive and Industrial Internet of Things (IIdO).

Its award-winning SIM 901 platform has been selected by prestigious companies to provide secure global cellular connectivity services, as well as authentication and network management. In addition, Transatel, which has successfully launched more than 170 MVNO customers, is the leading European MVNE.

This transaction will allow NTT Com to significantly expand its global IoT solution. The combined synergies between Transatel’s global data solutions for MVNOs and NTT Com’s Global Network platform that integrates infrastructure, data centers, cloud and IoT will enable this alliance to provide the market with a market proposition. unique value.

Shuichi Sasakura, senior vice president and head of network services at NTT Com, said,  “By leveraging Transatel’s engineering expertise in IoT connectivity, NTT Com will be able to enhance and contribute to digital transformation.” of its customers and partners in the IoT era. ”

Jacques Bonifay, CEO and founder of Transatel, said: “Thanks to NTT Com, Transatel is now able to significantly increase its operational presence in Asia for the benefit of its European customers, while offering the ideal solution for businesses Asian and other global multinational companies to expand their IoT offerings.

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