Tanaza announces the launch of TanazaOS, the cloud-based operating system for Wi-Fi access points

Tanaza, the Milan-based Wi-Fi cloud management software company, introduces its latest innovation: TanazaOS, a Linux-based operating system for centralised wireless network management.

TanazaOS enables communication between wireless access points and a cloud-based unified management layer; it connects a powerful Linux-based core to a scalable cloud infrastructure featuring an intuitive and responsive user interface. TanazaOS is conceived around the disaggregation concept, which means offering the option to select software from one vendor and run it on hardware from a different manufacturer.

“We believe that the software and hardware decoupling trend, already successfully adopted in the computer and smartphone markets, will also occur in the Wi-Fi market,” states Sebastiano Bertani, Tanaza founder & CEO. “With the launch of TanazaOS, we are the first company to fully embrace the Wi-Fi disaggregation approach and make it our mission.”

TanazaOS can run on virtually any white-box device, as well as a wide variety of off-the-shelf networking devices, giving enterprises and Wi-Fi operators an unprecedented possibility to decouple their hardware choice from their software choice, gaining considerable cost savings and efficiency advantages.

TanazaOS enables network administrators to:

  • Centrally manage access points from the cloud
  • Configure access points even before they go online
  • Monitor Wi-Fi networks remotely instead of going onsite
  • Manage multiple locations from a single cloud dashboard

The main benefits provided by TanazaOS are:

  • Maximum operational efficiency when managing networks, minimising OPEX
  • Flexibility on the choice of hardware on a per-project basis, ultimately leading to hardware CAPEX minimisation
  • Freedom from hardware vendor lock-in

TanazaOS will be launched in the next month and will be available for purchase.

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