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Idemia demonstrates how to increase the value of IoT products in collaboration with Sierra Wireless

Idemia demonstrates how to increase the value of IoT products in collaboration with Sierra Wireless

Posted by Anasia D'melloMarch 1, 2019

Idemia, the provider of expanded identity verification technology, will exhibit the latest features of DIM Low Power in Barcelona.This function uses Sierra Wireless‘ s M2M cellular module, a provider of IoT solutions, to enhance energy – saving performance and security on both LTE – M and NB – IoT networks.

Cellular networks have evolved to connect devices that require extremely low levels of power consumption. The 3GPP standards such as LTE-M and NB-IoT are stipulated so that it is possible to realise the Internet (IoT) connection of objects using the existing network infrastructure.

Idemia is strongly involved in the development of this IoT and provides solutions and secure technology using unique know-how that other companies do not have. IoT requires devices to connect in everywhere, and in many cases its environment will be extremely harsh. Especially for Industrial IoT, the amount of data exchanged is very small, but the device needs to run for over 15 years.

For this reason, the low-power network plays an important role in the IoT industry, and new networks and devices that can be operated by long-distance remote operation are optimised with low power consumption solutions.

Nicolas Damour

Fabien Jautard, executive vice president of operations for mobile operators of Idemia, says: “Idemia is a market leader that secures the security of the IoT field. The idea has created M2M SIM card that meets your needs while adapting to the requirements of the market with consumer to industrial IoT This SIM card not only reduces power consumption, prolongs battery running time but also has strong device authentication function.

Ideemia works with Sierra · Wireless to develop the latest IoT functions of both companies, namely, the development of IoT We demonstrate the strengths and perfect fitness of energy-saving and security functions according to standards.”

Idemia already sells various products including this innovative solution DIM Low Power on the IoT market and is creating value added products for carriers and OEMs.

Nicolas Damour, director of technology partnership at Sierra Wireless, says: “Sierra Wireless is proud that we can offer the most innovative LPWA solution with the lowest power consumption among the products currently on the market with the AirPrime HL 7800 cellular module that has already been adopted extensively in the field.

This will allow cellular IoT devices to be deployed anywhere and operate on batteries for over 10 to 15 years on a 4G network and soon 5G network, while ensuring reliability and security, in a worldwide area We are pleased that Idemia can further optimise the introduction of energy efficient IoT devices by realising innovative power optimisation for SIM cards.”

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