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Iota Communications announces formation of Iota Spectrum Partners

Iota Communications announces formation of Iota Spectrum Partners

Posted by Anasia D'melloMarch 8, 2019

Iota Communications, Inc., a wireless network management and industrial automation company that provides Internet of Things solutions that optimise energy efficiency, sustainability and operations for commercial facilities, announced the formation of Iota Spectrum Partners, LP, an Arizona Limited Partnership (“Iota Partners”), to consolidate exclusive FCC Radio Spectrum Authorisations owned and leased by Iota Networks, LLC (“Iota Networks”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iota.

Additionally, the Company announced the formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary –Iota Spectrum Holdings, LLC (“Iota Holdings”). Iota Holdings will act as General Partner of Iota Partners and will acquire General Partnership Units in exchange for exclusive FCC Radio Spectrum Authorisations contributed by Iota Networks.

Iota is building and operating a nationwide wireless network system dedicated to the rapidly emerging Internet of Things industry. We employ exclusive, FCC-licensed 800 MHz radio spectrum, which is valuable for commercial applications given its long range, ability to penetrate barriers, low power consumption, and inherent reliability and security. In addition, Iota is developing a robust platform for connectivity that interfaces seamlessly with many types of commercial IoT applications, including our own Smart Building applications.

Barclay Knapp, Iota’s chairman & CEO commented, “Iota is the only wireless carrier network dedicated exclusively to IoT connectivity that operates with FCC licensed radio spectrum – a significant competitive advantage for us.”

“Our new Iota Spectrum Partners Limited Partnership is intended to bring together our rapidly expanding portfolio of company-owned and leased 800 MHz FCC License Authorisations into a single consolidated entity, which will enhance the ongoing transparency of this valuable asset. Going forward, Iota Partners will be our strategic vehicle for all future FCC licensed spectrum acquisitions and initiatives.

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