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BlackRidge Technology joins the PTC Partner Network to enhance industrial IoT security for connected enterprises

BlackRidge Technology joins the PTC Partner Network to enhance industrial IoT security for connected enterprises

Posted by Anasia D'melloMarch 18, 2019

BlackRidge Technology International Inc., a provider of next-generation cyber defense solutions, announced that it has joined the PTC Partner Network. BlackRidge secures IT and OT networks to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices via patented First Packet Authentication technology, which authenticates identity and enforces security policy on the first packet of a network session. BlackRidge addresses the potential vulnerabilities of connected enterprises at a fundamental level, by stopping cyberattacks before they begin, while providing network microsegmentation and segregation for IT and OT convergence.

BlackRidge’s identity-based cybersecurity solution, TAC Identity Device, is ready out-of-the-box to be integrated with PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT platform and is immediately available on the PTC Marketplace. TAC Identity Device can be designed into third-party solutions to secure the IIoT-connected ecosystem, thereby offering solution builders enhanced security to further enable digital transformation.

“We’re pleased to welcome BlackRidge Technology to the PTC Partner Network,” said John Gray, senior vice president, Global Solution Provider Sales, PTC. “Our carefully-selected network of partners allows us to leverage market expertise and deliver the level of product and service quality synonymous with the PTC brand.”

“BlackRidge’s identity-based approach to securing the connectivity of IIoT devices supports PTC’s mission of driving industrial innovation and accelerating digital transformation,” said Michael Murray, senior vice president and general manager of cyber physical systems at BlackRidge. “Authenticating identity at the edge node enables greater trust, security and micro-segmentation of networks, including legacy environments.”

Operating at the network transport layer, BlackRidge products including the TAC Identity Device can be integrated into legacy, virtual and cloud environments to bridge gaps between brownfield OT infrastructure and latest-generation IT systems.

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