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Uncovering the real value of location data

Uncovering the real value of location data

Posted by IoT Now MagazineApril 19, 2019
A recent Location Intelligence Market study, conducted in January 2019, highlights the importance of real-time location data for different types of enterprises. Among other findings, it shows that 70% of telecommunications companies consider location intelligence to be critical to their success. Of all the enterprises in the study an average of 66% ranked location intelligence as either critical or very important to their ongoing revenue growth strategies. It’s often overlooked just how important location data is becoming for enterprise operations. Traditionally, location data enabled businesses to keep track of their materials, equipment and the employees working with them but until now that’s where its value was cut short. The availability of real-time location data significantly enhances operational efficiencies, improves project planning, ensures compliance where needed, and contributes to worker safety. With the inception of new connectivity technologies and what we are learning from case studies that extend the use of location-based data within an enterprise, it is increasingly being seen to have wider scope within the overall operations of a business. This paper explores the real value of location data and how this ‘intelligence’ is being used to realise new business potential.

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