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Innodisk shows memory and storage design for AI and IoT applications at LiveWorx’19

Innodisk shows memory and storage design for AI and IoT applications at LiveWorx’19

Posted by Anasia D'melloJune 6, 2019

Transporting its industrial-grade memory and storage innovations to Boston next week, Innodisk will be demonstrating hardware components’ unique perspective and solutions in tackling emerging AI and IoT challenges at LiveWorx’19.

While exhibiting capabilities in powering high-tech markets such as Smart Surveillance, Smart Transportation and Smart Medical, Innodisk will put its primary focus on Smart Factory during its presence at the show. On June 11thNoel Lontok, business development manager at Innodisk, will detailly illustrate Innodisk’s accomplishments in designing and providing solutions to the Smart Factory market through an Ignite Session hosting in the Xtropolis theatre. Innodisk offers the ultimate integrative solution from firmware to hardware and software to increase manufacturing excellence and productivity, strengthen smart quality control and decrease defective rate, as well as maximise performance through product customisation.

A number of latest innovations will be introduced during the show. The latest RDIMM VLP is designed to be compact and server-ready. High-performance, wide-temperature, high-speed and anti-sulfuration are the keywords for it. Including both single bit error correction and a register, it enhances clock, command and control signals. On the Flash side, speeds and longevity have been highly elevated in the design of M.2 3TE2 NVMe. Integrated with Marvell controller, Innodisk OCuLinkDOM is optimal for space-constrained IPCs and server boot-up applications.

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