Huawei sends 5G UK experience demo truck and exhibition on tour

Huawei, the global telecoms equipment supplier will be taking a 5G consumer experience on tour this summer.

With 5G having officially launched in the UK, the Huawei 5G truck will travel around the country to demonstrate the benefits of high-speed and ubiquitous connectivity across a range of 5G-enabled services for consumers.

Powered by 5G, the Huawei truck houses several ‘demo zones’ each dedicated to showcasing how 5G cloud-based services will transform the mobile consumer experience. The Cloud VR zone will showcase how VR and AR will move from niche to mainstream services across a range of different sectors; including medical, education and design.

The Cloud Gaming zone will demonstrate how 5G enabled gaming will be transformed via latency-free playing experiences that are accessible to consumers at any place and any time. The Cloud PC area will illustrate how computing of the future will work with full functioning and fast-paced cloud-based desktops operating with their OS and data housed completely separately from the devices themselves. Huawei will also demonstrate 360 degree live streaming over a 5G network.

Jerry Wang, CEO of Huawei UK says: “Our 5G Experiential is a great way to showcase real-time consumer benefits of 5G technology. We are entering a new era where large scale deployment of 5G technology in the UK is becoming real and we are happy to be able to deliver to consumers a glimpse of tomorrow… today.”

The 5G Experiential’s first stop will be at the Great Exhibition Road Festival. The festival which has been running for ten years, is a free three-day celebration of curiosity, discovery and exploration. Located on the Great Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the festival takes place on the 29th and 30th June.

Julian Sikondari, director of Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation at the Business School, Imperial College London comments: “Huawei are a longstanding and trusted research partner to the College and it is great to see them at the Festival. We continue to benefit from working with Huawei across multiple disciplines to further the impact of our research and their festival contribution represents this kind of impact very well.”

The Huawei 5G Truck will also be present at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed taking place 4th – 7th July. Other tour stops are to be announced shortly.

Huawei is the recognised leader in 5G; it’s end to end simplified architecture, innovative products and solutions places us ahead of our competitors. Huawei works closely with its customers and partners to enhance 5G innovation opportunities and together; usher in a new digital era lead by 5G technology.

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