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Get wise to IoT sales process automation to optimise customer experience and win

Get wise to IoT sales process automation to optimise customer experience and win

Posted by IoT Now MagazineSeptember 16, 2019

No serious business of any size underestimates their most important assets: customers. And most players, whether table-top entrepreneurs or international corporations, understand the role that effective data management plays in success.

The IoT facilitates automation in both these fields, so organizations can optimize processes in customer management and experience as well as data handling. It’s important, though, that any attempt to deploy customer-centric, data-driven IoT sales process automation is underpinned by a thorough understanding of what this involves.

For example, you know that data collected by your organization can be monetized within appropriate legal frameworks; but do you appreciate the value of managing such information in a way that makes it a useful tool in automated connectivity and device management? How well do you understand the needs and motivations of the modern customer, shopping in an always-on, high-speed digital market? And what about the market itself? Where once it was common to do one thing exceptionally well and have a reputation for delivering on quality and price, businesses now operate in an open source world of third-party cooperation, integration, convergent services and more. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that customers still expect all these things to be done exceptionally well, at the right price.

Our new white paper examines all these issues and more, offering vital insight into optimizing sales automation for IoT processes.

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