LLamasoft launches AI-powered enterprise platform

Razat Gaurav of LLamasoft

LLamasoft, a global provider of enterprise decision solutions announced the release of its new llama.ai platform.
Delivered via a software-as-a-service, llama.ai provides an AI-powered enterprise-scale decision platform that combines deep expertise in operations with the latest machine learning, optimisation and simulation algorithms to generate insights, develop predictions and provide smart answers to business users across a company.

In the ‘never normal’ business environment, staying ahead requires a dramatically different approach to solving problems and making smart decisions faster. LLamasoft offers an enterprise-scale decision platform that combines three key analytics capabilities to accelerate and democratise better decisions across a company.

Capabilities include:

  • Digital Twin – a digital representation of the end-to-end supply chain with an appropriate level of granularity gives llama.ai customers the ability to explore options, assess risks and evaluate trade-offs across business functions
  • Algorithm Library – purpose-built supply chain algorithms including the ability to add custom algorithms to provide new ways to answer complex questions
  • App Studio – to develop personalised applications to allow business users to more easily leverage advanced algorithms, analyse specific business questions, view new data insights and assess predictions and recommended actions

Through these analytic capabilities, llama.ai users gain a deeper understanding of supply chain performance and potential, the ability run multiple business scenarios and perform trade-off analysis and harness a no-code app development architecture to operationalise decisions to the organisation.

“Traditional supply chain planning and execution systems have existed for many years, and while they’ve added value, we still find that Microsoft Excel is the single most dominant supply chain decision-making tool. Our new platform, llama.ai, harnesses the power of AI to create new insights, make better predictions and prescribe the best options to achieve desired business outcomes,” says Razat Gaurav, CEO of LLamasoft.

Nick Banich

“By leveraging the llama.ai digital twin, enterprises gain a clear understanding of impacts across multiple business functions and can leverage internal and external data in new ways to improve decision making. This not only helps businesses maximise on their investment in traditional systems, but it brings the revolutionary impact of AI directly to the decision makers who need it most.”

LLamasoft’s extensive partner network has already been deploying the platform. Nick Banich, head of Supply Chain Transformation North America at Miebach Consulting says, “There is a lot of energy and discussion around digital decision making. When we look at projects for planning or demand, we see that human bias often makes things less accurate. Now, with LLamasoft’s AI capabilities and the digital twin, we can have an accurate look at inventory, transportation and planning because our customers can look at solutions more holistically across their ecosystem.”

Serving a global market, Belcorp is a Peruvian-based seller of beauty and cosmetic products and an early adopter of llama.ai. They use this new platform to manage a global network of suppliers and a distribution network of more than one million beauty consultants.

“With LLamasoft, we have been able to make faster, smarter decisions and optimise our supply chain processes,” said Gian Paolo Gandini, Corporative Sourcing director, Belcorp. “Through this connected platform, we are able to create a digital twin of our end-to-end supply chain, which allows us to repeatedly test various scenarios and be prepared for any situation. With the added visibility from LLamasoft, we can make better decisions and remain ahead of our competition. Since deploying this new platform, we have made significant improvements to our supply chain and sourcing decisions and are looking forward to seeing those results continue in 2020 and beyond.”

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