Device Management Platforms, a critical layer as managed IoT devices reach billions

The total number of managed IoT devices will reach 4 billion in 2026.

Are we underestimating the sheer size and scale of IoT devices that need to be managed through Device Management Platforms?

Sophisticated cyber-attacks, the growing role of IoT in mission-critical processes, securing enterprise infrastructure and the diversity and rapid expansion of connected devices builds a case for super resilient device management platforms.

DMPs are the key to supporting and securing the expanding scale and complexity of the IoT network. This new eBook reveals the potential challenges enterprises will face in future IoT deployments.

If you’re considering a Device Management Platform to support your connected devices, download the eBook to learn:
· How DMPs support the scale and scope of the IoT network
· The importance of device management for enterprise IoT infrastructure
· The key technical considerations when selecting an IoT platform
· In-house device management systems vs Device Management Platforms
· How DMPs improve the reliability and resilience of mission-critical infrastructure
· Device management security capabilities

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