Waylay partners with EPAM to deliver integrated IoT solutions to customers

IoT automation and analytics software company, Waylay has formed a partnership with EPAM Systems, Inc, a global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services. This is in response to increasing customer demand for advanced technologies that help derive more business value from IoT data.

Together Waylay and EPAM will build and design complex integrated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that optimise existing processes to enable clients to grow customer engagement and improve business efficiency. The partnership will help close the gap between the customer’s need for advanced data processing and the implementation of the new technologies that support it.

Companies are investing important resources in acquiring and storing data from a variety of sources to boost digital transformation initiatives. One of the biggest challenges facing enterprises today is using data to generate new revenue streams. Making use of real-time IoT sensor data, beyond data collection and visualisation in IoT platforms is especially challenging, often requiring a complex mix of technologies and skill sets.

Waylay technology is complementary to IoT platforms, making it especially appealing to enterprises with ongoing IoT projects who may be looking to improve or extend their solutions. Waylay offers a complete set of data automation and analytics tools, to be used either separately as needed or all together, within a single modular platform that integrates with any IoT device management cloud.

“This new partnership will accelerate the adoption of smart automated IoT solutions for our customers across industries,” says Nikolai Frolov, senior director, account management, EPAM Netherlands. “By combining Waylay’s intelligent automation and analytics software with EPAM’s end-to-end IoT expertise, our global customers will achieve higher performance, enable new digital services and enhance customer experiences through advanced IoT solutions.”

With experience in both digital platform engineering services and integrated physical and digital design, EPAM has a long track-record of successful IoT project deliveries – from identifying business cases and designing smart, to connected devices and engineering complex data platforms, to optimising enterprise device management platforms. Building on Waylay’s technology platform, EPAM designs products and solutions for customers that deliver significant, measurable business benefits.

“By combining EPAM’s deep integration expertise with Waylay’s cutting-edge automation technology, customers can see a significant increase in IoT returns through improved operational efficiency, better customer service and reduced costs,” says Piet Vandaele, Waylay.

The partnership will primarily deliver Waylay technology to industry, building management and manufacturing markets, to support applications such as remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, workflow optimisation, alarm management, remote asset diagnostics and servicing.

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