Austria’s A1 Digital and BigML support COVID-19 research

Francis Cepero of A1 Digital

A1 Digital, a subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria Group reports that, together with its strategic partner BigML, it will make machine learning capacity available free of charge to international research institutions.

The limited Machine-Learning-as-a-Service offer applies to all research institutions dealing with the medical, economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

“The current exceptional situation confronts all of us with completely new challenges of a medical, political, economic and social nature,” Francis Cepero, director vertical market solutions at A1 Digital, explains the motives. “In order to get the pandemic under control and minimise the impact on our social wellbeing and our economy, research institutions are making unprecedented efforts.

Large amounts of research data are being generated, which must be analysed as quickly as possible in order to achieve relevant results: This is where our Machine Learning Platform offers the necessary support. We provide our Machine Learning Platform to qualified groups and institutions free of charge for a period of 6 months”.

The strategic partnership between A1 Digital and BigML has been in place for a good two years, enabling customers to use machine learning in a secure, EU GDPR-compliant cloud environment. With the platform, users can automate every step required to create, deploy and maintain a powerful machine learning algorithms and models. Accurate predictions, intuitive visualisations and modeling capabilities help identify and harness trends and developments.

Franciso Martin

In the context of supervised learning, the platform allows classification, regression and time series prediction; in the context of unsupervised learning, cluster analysis, anomaly and association detection, topic modelling and principal component analysis (PCA). The platform offers a high degree of automation and thus quickly provides results without the error-proneness of manual processes. In addition, it offers numerous export options for models and predictions so that the results can be used in other systems and can be integrated into already existing applications.

“When A1 Digital approached us with a proposal to make the machine learning platform available to qualified organisations free of charge to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we were immediately hooked,” explains Franciso Martin, CEO, BigML. “Our platform is particularly suited to this context, as standardised machine learning workflows – from raw data to insights to models in productive use – are of paramount importance given the time pressure that public health professionals and other researchers are under.

The platform does not require programming knowledge or prior machine learning experience to create interpretable models. It also encourages collaboration with experts from different disciplines who must evaluate the results before the models are used in practice. Because the platform is digitally hosted in A1’s European Cloud Exoscale, it is ready for immediate use and users can rely on data security and compliance with data protection regulations”.

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