IoT is transforming the enterprise: Find out how your peers are doing it

Bill Hurley of Syniverse

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a key element of digital transformation for enterprises around the world. But companies across industries and time zones face challenges that keep them from achieving their goals and realising IoT’s maximum value, says Bill Hurley, chief marketing officer of Syniverse.

Which is why we partnered with Omdia, one of the research firms in IoT, to gain greater insights into those challenges and uncover how businesses are solving them.

And we’ve collected those insights in a comprehensive white paper that can help you navigate these challenges.

Private networks as a solution

While enterprises are using a variety of methods to address their IoT security, almost half (46%) have adopted private networks as part of their strategy, while an additional 40% are currently evaluating them.

Security and integration barriers

From healthcare to financial services, solving for security and integration challenges is top of mind throughout the enterprise. Half of respondents saw ensuring data, network and device security as their challenge when adopting IoT solutions. But integrating with legacy systems and processes weren’t far behind on the list of concerns from all verticals.

Productivity and product are top goals

Over half of respondents (including decision makers across five industries in North America and Europe) saw improving efficiency and productivity as their primary goal for IoT deployment. Nearly 50% viewed improving the quality of products and services as a main driver.

Businesses are looking externally for IoT support and resources

Despite the multiple use cases planned for their companies, 50% of those surveyed stated they do not have dedicated teams, processes or policies for IoT cybersecurity. Additionally, nearly a third (32%) of respondents use a separate or dedicated supplier for IoT cybersecurity.

But those are just a few of the findings in our full research report, which also includes:

  • Breakdowns of all our findings across verticals: healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, transportation
  • Use cases for IoT across these verticals
  • Top priorities—from communications to commerce to customer service
  • What technologies enterprises are using to solve their security and integration issues

The author is Bill Hurley, chief marketing officer of Syniverse.

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