IoT platform architecture updated by MachNation

Steve Hilton of MachNation

MachNation has published an update to its Internet of Things (IoT) platform functional architecture.

This publicly available document defines the eight services categories and 33 microservices required by enterprises in their IoT platforms.

According to the company’s CEO, Steve Hilton, enterprises are using this functional architecture to:

  • ensure IoT platform RFXs have the relevant product category questions
  • create their use-case specific IoT solution architectures, and
  • determine functionality gaps in current their current IoT platform product portfolio.

“No other IoT testing and benchmarking firm has the depth of knowledge about IoT platform middleware as MachNation,” says Hilton. “We have chosen to share our architecture with the ecosystem in order to create further clarity about the nature of IoT platforms and the components required for successful enterprise adoption.”

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