Things On Net reinforces its business strength, penetrating IoT market

Things on Net Co. Ltd (TON), a trusted IoT solutions provider with communications technology, has pointed to Big Data-IoT is the key to shaping the post-pandemic “New Normal” as businesses and industries recover.

TON recently organised an open house to drive its IoT business and commitment to creating a stronger IoT ecosystem in Thailand.

It is vital for modern businesses to stay ahead with strategies for the age of a digitally disrupted world, where the power of information is the solid foundation for success.

As both government and the private sector adopt more technology to manage and improve operational processes, the acceleration of the big data revolution will continue to enhance business performance with high-speed connectivity. Expertise in Datafication with IoT and Big Data are vital for all industrial sectors to obtain real insights, future predictions and intelligent decisions.

Pavin Vorapruck, chief executive officer of Things on Net Co., Ltd. (TON) revealed, “In the present environment, with the growing influx of data and IoT integration, we must be prepared to seize the full benefits of these new technology disruptions, and IoT is the answer.”

IoT technology collects massive amounts of important information from interrelated computing devices and objects with built-in sensors, helping organisations make decisions and solve problems, streamlining operational efficiency, and improving the quality of equipment and systems. At the same time, IoT provides applications and solutions for enterprises to develop various automated services, monitoring and surveillance systems, data analytics, etc.

Things on Net, in partnership with RATCH Group Plc, is the exclusive Sigfox operator in Thailand, providing a communications technology that delivers wireless networks for organisations in more than 70 countries. Its 0G network system allows remote connectivity and the continuous transmission of small amounts of data between IoT devices.

Pavin added that TON will bring its worldwide expertise and network to help drive the Thai IoT market and enhance the development of a strong and sustainable ecosystem for telecom network infrastructure, global network services, research and development of high-security devices, and trusted platforms to support diverse industries and businesses in the New Normal.

Currently, TON has established base stations covering the Bangkok Metropolitan Region as well as all provinces included in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project under the Thailand 4.0 strategic plan. Nationwide coverage is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

TON has also launched a new business logo that reflects the strength of “T” as a global provider of trustworthy, safe and reliable communications technology whose IoT solutions and networks distribute signal for organisations in more than 70 countries worldwide. Its 0G network system allows remote connectivity for the continuous transmission of small amounts of data between IoT devices which are energy-efficient, have long battery life, and hardly require maintenance. When these devices are taken abroad, an automatic roaming system connects them with Sigfox signals in different countries around the world.

TON offers turnkey platforms and solutions ranging from consumer and enterprise to manufacturing and industrial IoT applications. Its services include consulting, strategic planning and research and development, as well as designing sensor devices for Asset Tracking Management, Waste Management, Smart Safety and Environmental Solutions, Smart Farming Solutions and Smart City Solutions.

Things on Net believes its global strength and technology expertise in a broad range of IoT services will drive innovation of various sensor devices to meet diverse consumer needs and establish a benchmark in solutions and consulting for the IoT industry. The result, in line with Thailand 4.0 policy, will be to maximise the benefits and efficiency of IoT technology for the success of the digital economy in both the public and private sectors.

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