Eseye upgrades AWS IoT integration to simplify global device deployment

A new application from Eseye called AnyNet IRIS has been launched to simplify Internet of Things (IoT) project management across AWS regions.

Its additional features include SIM card management from within a customers’ AWS account, and faster automated set-up of the global AWS IoT environment for AWS Marketplace customers.

IoT device deployment via AWS IoT Core has been upgraded with the AnyNet Cellular Connectivity for AWS solution from Eseye, which specialises in ubiquitous global IoT connectivity. The development is said by the UK-based system vendor to be the first solution of its kind in the industry.

This development builds on a four-year relationship with AWS as an Advanced Technology Partner, and enables customers to manage their global IoT connectivity directly from within their AWS Cloud programmatically. This is done through Lambda functions or the AWS Management Console.

As part of the upgrade, Eseye has introduced the AnyNet IRIS App, simplifying the process of deploying the connectivity management resources in the customer’s own AWS Cloud. Designed as an Electron App, AnyNet IRIS runs on Windows 10 and macOS operating systems and provides an enhanced view of the status of the cellular IoT connections.

Ian Marsden

Ian Marsden, founder & CTO of Eseye, comments: “Device registration and the delivery of security and identity material needed to connect to Cloud IoT services can be a cumbersome task. With this latest upgrade to our AWS IoT integration, we’ve simplified the whole process, saving time and reducing complexity. This results in better end-user experience through quicker device set-up and improved estate visibility.”

The latest version uses some of the newest serverless tools from AWS to improve the efficiency of the deployment in the customer’s account, reducing both costs and the latency of metadata reporting. Configurable notifications and alerts ensure customers are now proactively informed of steps they can take to optimise the performance of their devices.

With Eseye’s AnyNet Secure SIM technology and connectivity management platform, Eseye customers reportedly achieve near 100% global connectivity and uptime. To support truly global deployments, localisation of the SIM profile is automatically triggered when needed to ensure end user IoT devices remain compliant to local network roaming legislation around the world.

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