Building a World-Class IoT Solution as a Service: How Telecom Argentina and Nokia Create Future Revenue Streams – analyst report


The enterprise IoT market is now developing rapidly, both in terms of numbers of businesses requiring IoT solutions, as well as in the greater sophistication of those solutions. This is because, for an increasing number of businesses, IoT is moving from ‘nice-to-have’ to strategic necessity. At the same time, enterprise use of IoT is broadening its scope beyond local operations to cover increasingly international requirements.

It is in this context that Telecom Argentina, enabled by Nokia WING connectivity management and Nokia IMPACT IoT device management, is taking the position of a technology innovator and supporting enterprises in a wide range of industry verticals on their digital transformation journey.

Meeting new business outcomes with IoT

At its simplest, an IoT solution provides the opportunity for enterprises to save operational costs, introduce new service revenue opportunities, or help to ensure compliance of operational activities with new national or regional regulations as they arise. In practice, it is increasingly a combination of these that are reflected in a wide range of required business outcomes, some more urgent than others. For example, these required business outcomes might include:

  • achieving greater operational efficiency
  • reducing downtime
  • reducing time to market for new product innovations
  • improving competitive differentiation
  • improving predictability/reliability
  • meeting the demands of sustainable business.

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