Five ‘must-haves’ from your IoT connectivity partner for successful remote patient monitoring, says Aeris

Mohsen Mohseninia of Aeris

IoT-enabled remote patient monitoring is rising amid COVID-19 as healthcare providers cut personal contact, according to Internet of Things (IoT) technology partner Aeris Communications. Today Aeris announced a new, free white paper titled, Five Must-Haves from Your IoT Connectivity Partner to Ensure Successful Remote Patient Monitoring,”.

The white paper details the challenges that healthcare companies face when building connected products, and solutions for overcoming those challenges. Now more than ever, patients need to be able to receive comprehensive medical care from the comfort of their homes, and remote patient monitoring (RPM) companies are creating connected products that will make that a reality.

The free white paper provides vital information about building connected products, and solutions for overcoming those challenges, including:

  • Performance-Optimised Coverage: RPM devices need constant access to a cellular network to provide reliable care. This can be especially challenging, given that most RPM devices operate indoors. Overlapping multi-carrier coverage with performance-optimised steering boosts success rates and ensures 24/7 care for those who need it.
  • Cost control: RPM solution providers pay for cellular device connectivity costs. Flexible rate plans with short-term contracts and effective tools guard against overages, which can ease the burden of managing costs.
  • Security: Patient privacy is a top priority. Features like access control using Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) and artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) monitoring tools and alerts can help healthcare providers keep patient information secure and adhere to privacy laws.

Aeris’s VP of Market Development, Europe, Mohsen Mohseninia comments: “Aeris has been serving the connected healthcare market for over two decades and we’ve leveraged that experience to build an offering that meets all of the requirements laid out above. The Aeris Fusion IoT Network is the only cellular IoT network that provides visibility and control over your entire connected operation—globally and at scale. With ‘Fusion’, you can optimise coverage from 600 carriers in 190 countries, manage risks, and deliver the highest possible quality of service for your customers—all while optimising costs across your business.”

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