VIDEO: We are at a pivotal point in AI. How will data bias affect future decisions?


In the world of AI and machine learning, it’s common to hear fear-based statements about what the poor decisions unchecked algorithms might make.

What most people rarely hear about are the actual challenges that cause AI practitioners to worry.

FICO’s Chief Analytics Officer, Scott Zoldi sat down with Kate Crawford, a Distinguished Research Professor at NYU and a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, to discuss how unconscious data bias and untrained data scientists poses risks to AI models and the trust we place in business decisions derived from them.

Why you should watch their candid conversation:

  • How will data bias affect future decisions?
  • How unconscious data bias and untrained data scientists poses risks to AI models
  • How data bias and machine learning are remapping our society
  • The real problems with AI that keep data scientists up at night
  • What businesses and data scientists need to do to ensure ethical AI
  • How to avoid introducing gender bias and other forms of bias into AI models

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