Ioterra team helps in the fight against Covid-19

The Ioterra team

Between 2010 and 2019 the Internet of Things (IoT) was gradually being adopted by mainstream enterprises, but the team from Ioterra maintains it was only in 2020 that IoT adoption gained massive traction because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid pushed IoT adoption, not just in healthcare but also in remote working and remote machine operations. Unfortunately, the IoT market including services and solutions is still so fragmented that it is difficult for IoT buyers to quickly identify and deploy the IoT solutions for their use case.

Having experienced these practical difficulties in the IoT space since 2015, a team led by Daniel Price, Abhinav Dubey, and Danny deLaveaga came together to resolve such business gaps or complexities in the ever-evolving IoT ecosystem.

They launched a verified IoT network called IOTERRA for buyers to quickly partner with highly reliable IoT vendors from across the globe, and are proud to share how the Ioterra ecosystem enabled our Covid-19 fighters. It’s time, they say, to address the problem with profound IoT solutions from all across the globe.

Now, the world’s best IoT companies are working towards leveraging each other’s robust capabilities in building authentic IoT solutions to combat the prevailing crisis. Here they share the latest IoT developments and initiatives powered through the Ioterra ecosystem.

Breadware enabled Ventec Life Systems VOCSN Multi-Function Ventilator with LTE cellular communication capability as a product upgrade to integrate all the therapies to fight against the deadly Corona Virus. It is now released in partnership with General Motors, Kokomo, Indiana.

A dedicated page with open-source resources is showcasing the competent developments in IoT products and solutions to fight against COVID-19 being updated regularly by Dragon Innovation.

The 219 Design has aimed at designing a low-cost ventilator with usage during emergency cases in partnership with Stanford and CZ Biohub and 3D printed shielding face mask in partnership with DuPont.

STEL Design ventured into facilitating personal protective equipment and has shipped millions of face masks and other supplies to companies in South America.

Orange sparkle ball has assisted its clients in building a solution that covers master uses cases across the world risk mitigation. It is achieved by acquiring and directing the public health research resources of Covid-19 to its client companies.

Titoma is deployed to develop Taiwan-made Covid-19 test kits and now expects to ship 10,000 test kits per month to the United States. It also aims to be a forerunner in developing motor control development to a respirator project.

Lexicon Design is involved in launching a Kickstarter campaign that helps to fund its in-house product, the Purus No-Touch Tool. This is a retractable, antimicrobial and no-touch solution.

This is an open-source automatic fever detector developed by PAI Labs, in association with Helpful Engineering.

A website for the non-profit organisation, Act Now Foundation that approximates the demand of Covid-19 test kits to the suppliers. It was formulated and developed by ScreemingBox.

The company unveiled a toolkit that sets up contact tracing for companies with their IoT enterprise platform. The device executes the tracing method with maximum speed and security with the Losant IoT platform and Bluetooth tags.

Ubidots, along with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and, has conducted the Covid-19 Detect & Protect Challenge. The team is working towards a collaborative environment that gathers the brightest technology companies and tech-savvy minds to develop solutions for those hardest hit in this pandemic.

RIoT along with Ubidots has formulated the MISSION-R initiative to nurture inventive ideas on public and economic health in the post Covid-19 era. It analyses government requests with NLP, tracing and monitoring solutions. A team of six entrepreneurs has been engaged in this heating issue.

Novacoast is working with UC Santa Barbara’s Koegel Autism Centre to develop a mobile application that enables special children to continue their education amidst the pandemic.

A Covid-19 testing lab has been opened by Dascena in Houston, Texas that processes 10,000 samples per day. Ioterra quickly facilitated the purchase and deployment of a robotic arm to fast track the testing process.

This innovative hygiene micro station has been developed by Soapy and has been featured in Forbes.

The Safe Scratcher™ Wristband by Tempest House prevents the spread of germs through hands or fingers with their pioneering device.

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