The Evolution of Core Networks in the Age of IoT


Moving into IoT services is a foregone conclusion for most Mobile Operators, but the route to get there is far from clear, starting with the infrastructure itself.

Some mobile operators are planning to hold onto their existing core infrastructure used for their mobile phone subscribers, and tack on IoT functionality. At a glance, this could appear to make sense. After all, they have already invested heavily into a core network, they have employees highly skilled in operating and maintaining it, and in theory at least – the more that this investment can provide, the better.

After all, isn’t connectivity just connectivity, whether it’s for mobile devices or IoT?

This path could be a huge mistake for today’s mobile operators and cause more problems further down the line.

This white paper will look at the evolution of the IoT market and how mobile operators can get ahead of the challenges.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

• How cellular connectivity can meet diverse IoT requirements, including Massive, Broadband and Critical IoT

• The kinds of behaviour you can expect from IoT, such as low ARPU and high signalling, and how to be ready for anything

• Why network slicing will support a lower Total Cost of Ownership, and help you seamlessly meet SLA for new customers

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