IDnow’s autoIdent AI solution ready for high security transactions

Andreas Bodczek of IDnow

IDnow, a provider of identity verification as a service solutions, announces the artificial intelligence (AI) identity verification product AutoIdent Substantial .

The product is approved for certification to meet the EU eIDAS regulation, according to the eID assurance level at Substantial. IDnow will be the company to have an automated solution that largely meets the EU eIDAS regulation.

To meet the increasing growth in demand for fully digital solutions globally, identity verification service provider IDnow introduces AutoIdent Substantial , the artificial intelligence (AI) identity verification product approved for certification to meet the EU eIDAS regulation for identification services following the eID assurance level at Substantial. IDnow believes that reliable security and trust in its products are the cornerstones of identity verification in this growing field.

“IDnow is proud to be the only company to have certification accreditation at this level of assurance for a fully automated AI product. By understanding the industry and the emerging needs of our customers and potential users, we knew what to do and we leveraged our technology and regulatory leadership, ”says Andreas Bodczek, CEO of IDnow. “ This is a game-changing development as the benefits of digital identity verification become available to a much wider range of services,” he adds.

AutoIdent Substantial offers digital identity verification with the following features and customisable additions:

  • Verification of identity documents
  • Authenticity check
  • Validity / Biometric detection
  • Optional agent review
  • Optional advanced electronic signature (AES) capability for signing contracts with a trusted service provider

The smart solution opens up new possibilities for a whole series of industries and use cases that demand a higher level of vigilance while capitalising on innovative solutions.

The ease of use of a fully automated and self-guided solution, combined with extraordinary levels of security and extensive regulatory compliance, make AutoIdent Substantial a future-proof product. It will greatly support industries as part of the dynamic digitalisation change processes with constantly evolving and increasingly intensified legal and regulatory standards.

In particular, health insurers or healthcare providers will benefit from this unique offering for sophisticated KYC use cases such as integrating a customer portal, accessing electronic medical records or issuing cards. health insurance. In addition, the safety requirements of public authorities, with a wide range of regulated and unregulated KYC use cases for public services, will be met without any compromise.

AutoIdent Substantial being part of the IDnow identity verification platform, customers across all industries will benefit from the unmatched flexibility of this platform, which will allow them to easily access a wide range of products and related services, meeting even the strictest regulatory standards, such as eIDAS ‘“high” level of assurance.

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