Managed secure private access gives remote workers ‘first-class’ access to company applications

Shashi Kiran of Aryaka Networks

SmartSecure Private Access, a flexible managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote workers, has been unveiled by Aryaka Networks, a specialist in fully managed Cloud-First WAN solutions.

Built on the architectural principles for SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and delivered as a fully managed service, it is said to be tailor-made for enterprises that want to make their distributed workforce ‘first-class citizens’ with predictable and high-performance access to corporate applications.

Regardless of location or type of application being accessed, employees can seamlessly and securely move between on-premises and remote office locations while experiencing highly predictable application performance.

Why hybrid workplaces are important

The Covid-19 pandemic caused disruption to the global workforce. While many employees were able to work from home, they were challenged to get predictable access to corporate applications impacting productivity and collaboration.

Many CIOs engaged in post-pandemic planning exercises are looking for fresh architectural approaches that would give them the flexibility to implement consistent, secure and high-performance access to applications for onsite office locations as well their remote workers. This enables the rollout of hybrid workplaces, helping to redefine work as an activity and not a place.

Aryaka SmartSecure Private Access is designed to address these challenges using a highly innovative and global Point of Presence (POP)-based service architecture with built-in WAN optimisation that extends the innovative principles of a Cloud-First WAN.

“Aryaka’s Cloud-First WAN keeps our team more productive and better connected than ever,” says Richard Delisser, SVP of land technology & global infrastructure at World Fuel Services. “We’re confident our global teams are experiencing secure and reliable application performance no matter where they are, what device they’re using, or how they access our technology services.”

Key features of private access

High degree of flexibility: Now, regardless of location or type of application accessed, employees can benefit from highly predictable application performance across both office locations and home-based employees in a highly secure manner. IT teams can now manage sites or users consistently from the Aryaka POP, and they can allocate subscribed bandwidth to sites or users giving CIOs the flexibility to choose.

Predictable and deterministic application performance: With superior, deterministic performance that leverages Aryaka’s Global WAN optimised, L2 Core Network, enterprises can avoid the pitfalls of user traffic that relies exclusively on best-effort internet as a transport to both cloud and on-premises applications.

Operational simplicity with lowest TCO: With Aryaka’s fully managed services, rolling out secure private access delivers the “easy button” for enterprises with a network Security-as-a-Service that integrates on-premises or cloud-based security with solutions for any site, user or application globally, increasing network security and significantly lowering total cost of ownership. Aryaka offers a risk-free, managed on-ramp to SD-WAN and SASE architectures.

The Aryaka Private Access leverages the venerated VPN technologies from NCP engineering, which supports clients across all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. NCP’s technology is now integrated into Aryaka’s global POP-based architecture.

“Our goal with the SmartSecure Private Access is to give CIOs the maximum flexibility to manage change and get highly predictable application performance for their workers regardless of their location or type of application they’re accessing,” according to Shashi Kiran, CMO at Aryaka. “We have already sold tens of thousands of user licenses and are accelerating the deployment of hybrid workplaces that make corporate employees more productive.”

“The big advantage with Aryaka Private Access is it offers an architecture that tightly couples SD-WAN branch and remote office solutions with the same orchestration and security architecture,” adds Lee Doyle, principal analyst, Doyle Research.

The Aryaka Private Access solution complements Aryaka’s managed firewall offerings with Check Point SoftwarePalo Alto Networks and others.

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