Prague to pilot large-scale, dynamic waste collection

Sensoneo a global provider of smart waste management solutions, has announced the first European capital with whom they will partner on a large-scale deployment using their innovative waste management solution. As of spring of 2021, the Czech capital will pilot collecting waste via automated routes able to dynamically respond to changes in waste production and the city’s infrastructure.

Dynamic waste collection is part of an ambitious project of Sensoneo focused on the demonstration of environmental and economic benefits resulting from large-scale deployment of the Sensoneo solution. Given the scope and the tools applied, it is an ultimate and revolutionary model example at a global level. The project is co-funded by the Horizon2020 programme of the European Innovation Council.

Thanks to efficient collection planning, the city of Prague will be able to systematically decrease the environmental impact related to the waste collection process, maximise efficiency of the currently available vehicles (trucks) and employ flexibility in the case of unanticipated changes. The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 is one such example, as it is profoundly changing traditional waste generation patterns and standard collection frequencies, and the current routes are not able to flexibly cope with these changes.

Cities around the world face challenges related to growing urbanism, increasing volume of waste and insufficient flexibility, which has been now even more highlighted with the ongoing pandemic. Innovative technologies, which we will test during the pilot project, follow Prague’s strategy, focused on sustainability and a circular economy. I am convinced that this project will contribute to our plan of making Prague an active initiator of green technologies.” adds Petr Hlubuček, deputy mayor of Prague for the environment, infrastructure, technical equipment and safety.

The project, unprecedented and unique by its large-scale deployment, includes the following procedures:

⦁ Collection Efficiency Analysis (As-Is Analysis) for all waste commodities using Sensoneo’s unique method, based on processing all currently available data related to containers, vehicles and realised routes – provides the identification of weak points and opportunities for savings and improvement of the quality of service;
⦁ Set-up of the new cycling routes and frequencies (To-Be Analysis) in order to increase the continuous efficiency and quality of service, combines the shortest possible routes, on-time collection, and maximum possible utilisation of vehicle capacity with the long-term goal to reduce the number of vehicles used during waste collection;
⦁ Collecting waste via automated routes (flexibly reflecting daily specific requirements) using Sensoneo’s navigation, which is tailor-made for the unique requirements of individual waste collection vehicles -> this facilitates the employment of drivers without prior driving experience in particular districts or particular routes;
⦁ Final evaluation – showcases savings (time, cost, fuel, emissions) with a Before-After comparison.

Along with the above, the project also includes the realtime monitoring of 550 containers for electronic waste with Sensoneo sensors to optimise waste collection, ensure sufficient free capacity for citizens and thus, support the recycling of this commodity. The operation part of the project will take one year.

The city of Prague thus receives a unique opportunity to live-test the technology, which has the objective to cope with the current waste challenges in cities. Patrik Roman, CEO of Pražské služby, a.s. says “Digitisation is a huge topic in the field of waste management. It has been our long-term goal to identify and implement the tools that drive the improvement of the waste collection process and the quality of our service.”

“This project upgrades the established systems of daily planning, real-time performance monitoring and evaluation. Planning waste collection routes for over 130 thousands containers in Prague is a complex and very demanding job and the succesfull outcome of this project can siginificantly help to improve it.”

Sarka Kohakova, logistics manager at Asekol, a.s says, “With this project, we will be able to equip most WEEE containers across Prague with sensors and thus make the collection of discarded electronic equipment even more efficient. We expect that the ability to provide sufficient free capacity in containers will support the positive attitude of the citizens to the sorting of electrical waste.”

“We have chosen Prague as one of the key partners based on our experience with the underground containers monitoring project. We perceive the Czech capital as one of the European leaders in the introduction of smart technologies and support of the transition to a circular economy. “

“We believe that our tools bring great gains to the city’s daily operations. We are convinced that the evaluation will ultimately prove the tangible benefits of our solution to both the environment and the economy – reducing the carbon footprint and improving resource efficiency,” says Martin Basila, founder and CEO of Sensoneo, j.s.a.

Michal Fišer, CEO of Operator ICT, a.s says, “A proactive approach and the use of innovative technologies is part of our urban DNA. Our company drives the testing and implementation of innovative technologies and we are doing our best to further utilise the data we collect from them. Smart waste collection is part of our Smart Prague 2030 strategy, which defines a zero-waste city as one of its priorities, and we believe this should be built on responsible and intelligent waste management.”

The preparation phase of the project has already started and the launch of the operational phase is scheduled for March 2021. The entire project, including the evaluation, will run until September 2022.

This project is co-funded by the Horizon2020 programme of the European Innovation Council under the Agreement no 101010676.

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