How to achieve best practice in IoT connectivity


Expert guide to the key trends dominating IoT connectivity and how to seize them

The year 2020 has been a strange one for the Internet of Things. Many of the headlines have, of course, been dominated by the impact and reaction to COVID-19. However, it has also been a year in which many emerging trends in IoT connectivity have come to the fore.

Looking back to ten years ago, the connectivity landscape was much simpler and more settled than it is today. In buildings devices connected using Wi-Fi, and occasionally Bluetooth or Zigbee, while outdoor devices used 2G/GPRS, with international connectivity supported by existing inter-operator roaming agreements.

Today the picture is rather different.

In this report Matt Hatton, the founding partner of Transforma Insights, examines some of the key trends that are affecting the deployment of global IoT connectivity today, and the resulting best practice associated with seizing the advantages that those changes represent.

Register to explore the trends and strategies for best practice with: 

  • Permanent roaming and eUICC/eSIM
  • Dedicated core networks for IoT
  • Cloud-to-edge and the rise of hyperscalers 
  • Security barriers and how to overcome them
  • Device testing and certification in the US, UK and EU 

This analyst report is a must-read for IoT developers and enterprise users. 

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