Live smart, go green – Computime shows latest platform and IoT solutions for smart HVAC

AUYANG Pak Hong Bernard of Computime

A technology, product, and manufacturing solutions specialist Computime Group Limited is pleased to participate in the CES 2021 Virtual Exhibition with its latest HVAC product platform and IoT platform solutions, showcasing its improving capability to deliver connected and comprehensive solutions to customers.

Computime’s latest HVAC product platform is a full line of control products and field devices with the latest Zigbee 3.0 technology an open global standard for wireless communication between devices. This integration allows full interconnectivity between products including smart room thermostats, radiator valve controllers, pump controllers, environmental sensors and more.

Its high inclusivity also facilitates its application to different system types, aiding customers in building their customised smart heating and cooling solutions. As for the Company’s IoT platform, new features have been introduced, including an IoT gateway for cloud connectivity, cloud backend solutions, application interfaces for customer app and other cloud-to-cloud integrations.

The CES itself is widely recognised as the largest technology trade show in the US. Organised by the Consumer Technology Association, this annual event attracts the participation of over 4,400 companies worldwide. Due to the pandemic, CES 2021 is hosted virtually this year. Nevertheless, the 4-day event (11 January to 14 January) remains a valuable opportunity for companies to showcase their latest products, listen to new ideas from thought leaders, and engage with global brands and start-ups.

Mr Auyang Pak Hong Bernard, chief executive officer and executive director of Computime Group Limited, commented, “We are grateful to the CTA for providing this platform to showcase our innovative capabilities on a global stage. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home, which in turn, has led to an increase in demand for smart and sustainable home comfort technologies including Smart HVAC systems and IoT solutions.

Our latest HVAC product platform and IoT solution being showcased during CES 2021 reflects our innovative steps in Smart Home technologies and the Company’s commitment in bringing new and integrated solutions to customers. Looking forward, supported by our team of 200 engineers, 4,000 workers and 5 manufacturing sites, our team will continue to push the boundaries of home technology, committing to the mission of enabling smart and sustainable living globally.”

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