How to address the challenges of connected healthcare


How data, connectivity and devices are improving patient outcomes

The pandemic has placed healthcare at the forefront of everyone’s agenda.

As Canada’s largest healthcare IT provider, TELUS is on a mission to improve access to quality healthcare and deliver better health outcomes through technology.

Robin Duke-Woolley, the CEO of Beecham Research and Therese Cory, a senior analyst at the firm, discuss the challenges associated with providing connected healthcare and explore TELUS' health and IoT strategy to overcome them.

Take a deep dive into the future of connected health inside this report:

  • The 3 major challenges facing connected healthcare: data sets, data privacy and connectivity
  • Interview: TELUS Health’s strategy to transform healthcare through connected health
  • Three points of entry into the IoT healthcare market
  • Connected healthcare services for mobile clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and patients at home
  • How to overcome fragmentation in the healthcare ecosystem
  • The future of wireless networks supporting hospital systems and connected devices
  • Case study: How TELUS connects workers and improves healthcare
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