realme CEO unveils 2021 plans following international awards

Sky Li of Realme

According to the CEO of realme, though challenging year 2020 saw “positives on many fronts for realme, from corporate to product to design and more”. realme cemented its position as a mainstream global smartphone brand, ranking 7th overall in terms of shipments.

Realme’s CEO Sky Li penned an open letter to chart the immediate future for the company as it builds on the momentum of a successful 2020.

realme reached a significant milestone last year, attaining 50 million shipments globally. Counterpoint Research has listed realme as “the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world” and the UK’s Financial Times heralded it as commanding a “leading position in Asia’s emerging markets.”

realme grew 250%, expanding from 35 to 61 different markets and regions operationally, including Latin America and Europe. It has also launched over 27 different AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) products successfully as it seeks to build a robust AIoT framework at the strategic business level.

realme won 17 brand awards, 159 product awards and five top-tier design awards around the world in 2020. It reportedly became the fastest company to reach 50 million shipments, according to Counterpoint Research.

As the company seeks to augment its AIoT ecosystem and disrupt the current infrastructure with new products and initiatives, it will launch its own AIoT platform TechLife that aims to foster new companies and ideas, participate in co-creation and scale innovative AIoT products.

This initiative will bring a more cohesive and integrated smart living lifestyle, allowing for greater communication and collaboration for users. Counterpoint analyst, Liz Lee comments that, “Building on strong wearables momentum, recent entry into smartwatches and strength in online, realme could repeat its smartphone success to become 2021’s dark horse in wearables.”

“The youths of today will decide our future, and realme seeks to empower them to dream big and leap into the unknown with confidence and positivity,” says CEO, Sky Li.

His clear focus on the youth niche around the world has allowed realme to connect with its audience across many aspects of youth culture, such as music, sports, videography and gaming. In 2021, realme will continue to engage more youths in these areas to showcase the potential of our youths.

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